The Company

VBK+CO has offices in Amsterdam, Geneva, Luxembourg, Sofia, Mumbai and The British Virgin Islands. The firm is a global independent provider of fund administration, accounting and compliance services to investment funds, family offices and corporate clients.

The firm administers in excess of USD 12bn in investment funds and for family offices, representing a variety of strategies including long only, hedge fund, private equity, real estate, CTA and “fund of funds”.

VBK+CO is regulated by the Dutch Central Bank in the Netherlands, by the CSSF in Luxembourg and by the Financial Services Commission in the British Virgin Islands.

VBK+CO has been awarded the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402 Type II Certification. ISAE 3402 is a global assurance standard for reporting on controls at a service organization. The report is issued by Deloitte and covers an examination of the description of the system, the design of the controls and the operating effectiveness of controls over a period of time relating to fund accounting, investor relations services and the related IT controls.

Crystal clear and distinct approach

VBK+CO is a service provider that becomes your partner, by providing consistent value added services; by being constructive, persistent, meticulous and knowledgeable; and by always being up-to-date on the industry and where it is headed. When discussing our services we don’t begin by telling you what we can offer, we listen to your needs and then develop a unique offering tailored for your business.

VBK+CO will provide all necessary support and expertise for any type of structure in any jurisdiction. This approach we embark on together and that will create the solutions you have been reaching for. We have the experience and expertise to go beyond the boundaries of the known and to use our global contacts if necessary. We are not afraid to be bold and innovative.

Why should VBK+CO be on the top of your shortlist?

VBK+CO is managed and owned by people that fully understand your business. VBK+CO’s services are specifically tailored to leverage client resources and ensure investors have confidence in a fund’s operations. VBK+CO procures that all elements of the bigger picture are in place: regulatory trends, market developments and new strategies, as well as tending to the details such as delivering NAVs accurately and on time, developing bespoke reports and ensuring the accuracy of investor statements. Our dedication to proper staff selection and training programs meets the highest standards and industry norms which in its turn translates and delivers tangible results for our clients. We don’t separate clients by revenue, strategy or worth – each client is unique.