Willem Holst

Geneva, Switzerland

Willem has been active in the global financial markets for the last 45 years. Besides having an extensive trading experience in the European and US financial markets, he is also very familiar with the investment funds industry. He worked in executive positions for CITCO Bank Nederland (period 1988-2011) in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

As managing director of CITCO Bank Nederland in Amsterdam (period 1988-1999) and as the general manager of CITCO Bank’s representative office in Geneva (period 1999-2011), Willem was instrumental in the successful development of the bank’s hedge funds custody service line. He was responsible for the bank’s global marketing and relationship management activities. CITCO is the largest custodian and broker for and in hedge funds.

Before joining CITCO, he worked as deputy managing director for bank H. Albert de Bary & Co in Amsterdam. In this function, he was responsible for the bank’s trading and research activities with international clients. Prior to the above he worked in various capacities with several of the leading financial institutions in Europe, like J.P. Morgan, ABN-AMRO and Lloyds Bank International.

Willem holds certificates in various specialized financial courses, like Asset Management, Investments, the AIBD certificate (a certificate for a 2-year specialized banking course) and is fluent in four languages. Besides his time dedicated to VBK+CO, Willem studies Politics and International Relations at the Open University in London.